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We're living in unique times. And what is different possesses no memory. We don't know what to do or what to think and vice versa. Objectively, we have a reality to accept; a virus more aggressive than its counterparts is on the loose! Opinions are divided between the most alarmists and the most careless... Fake news, conspiracy theories... a little of everything.

Not being a health professional, but as a concerned citizen in collaborating in a beneficial way. I'll share some information with you, which maybe will help. Or at least I hope so. A strong and healthy host will make this invader's life more challenging. Thankfully we have the immune system to fight for us. We should try reinforcing it, so that it does a good job. The immunoglobulin produced by our saliva is crucially vital for the immune system. An American University carried out an extremely revealing experience on patients with severe immune deficiency.

These patients watched comedies, which generated easy laughter. Movies about noble and inspiring philosophies of life that aroused positive emotions. The result when measuring the saliva, before and after sessions was abysmal. Understand, that it was higher after the sessions. In parallel, another group that watched violent/war movies, similar to Apocalypse Now, explicit sex, or porn. Some of the patients in this group, at the end of the viewing, had cold-like symptoms. The levels of immunoglobulin in the saliva were frankly lower than at the beginning of this experiment.

With this valuable information we can and must care for our emotional equilibrium. Positive thinking, reading what may undoubtedly create well-being, watching uplifting films, listening to pleasant music, sunbathing... In critical times of Quarantine we should capitalize on this rare opportunity to adequately care for of our emotional well-being. We undoubtedly have ample free time! We should take advantage of it. To think gratefully on all that is good, is precisely to think Positive. I beseech you, vigilantly monitor your thoughts and emotions. Be responsible and escape instinctive fear. Faithfully follow the guidelines available. Conscientiously believe that everything will be O.K. Take up creative activities that will bring you apparent pleasure. Remember wanting it to be so, is making it so. I heartily wish you a fruitful quarantine with good emotions and feelings. Share with us your doubts, experiences and suggestions for following posts.

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Thank you! #QuarentinWellness #ThinkPositiveCovid19 #BePositive #BeInspired #StoptheSpread

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