ūüáļūüáł About Life and Other Things, Parte 2

Atualizado: 24 de Mai de 2020

The previous post embraced as a backdrop, current realities. Getting to know some ways to get stronger seemed appropriate. We've been in quarantine for several days now, I hope, it's crucial to take social isolation seriously.

Life took on a new rhythm, slow motion. We now realize, at this moment, that it isn't just about waiting for it to "pass us by."

Within our homes, alone or with family members we are being strongly confronted with who indeed lives within us!

Photo by Alina Vilchenko from Pexels

Who are we after all??

How do we react in insituations of distress, or even in times shortage?

Are we confident in the face of fear and insecurity?? Can we manage our anxiety?? Are we capable to be in the present and experience the beneficial "One day at atime" ???

Time that was once scarce is now in abundance... We're not always proud

of what we discover within... Othertimes we actually are...

From this potential confrontation we can come out much stronger, resilient and with increased emotional skills.

And what of countless other people??What surprises have they revealed!

Our peaceful homes have instantly become the size of the world, and we might just find long buried treasures! Tiding up a shelf and its spoils, an extraordinary book fell into my hands; "Messages hidden in the water." It's author, a Japanese scientist, by the name of Masuro Emoto, made a fantastic discovery that he documents in this book. He discovered that water molecules are influenced by our emotions, thoughts and also by energetic stimuli.

Through high-speed photography, he photographed the crystals that formed when water is subjected to freezing conditions. If the words written and attached around water bottles were of Love or Hate, Peace or Exasperation... If the music style is harmonious or hard rock... Before or after a prayer... The crystals of ice that formed were extraordinarily different and related to the underlying energy in each situation.

The images speak for themselves! And some of them are movingly beautiful.

Masaru became a prominent thinker. We know that our biological makeup is

more than 90 per cent water and science informs us that our cells are constantly changing. It's relatively straightforward to appreciate why I chose to address this subject! The quality of our thoughts and our emotions are also primarily responsible

for our physical endurance.

Imagem de Jill Wellington por Pixabay

I invite you to investigate a little on this fascinating subject. It's worthit! In fact, everything we undertake conscientiously for ourselves is worth it!

We possess the time and  hopefully, more openminded. Unquestionably, all of this provides unique opportunities to transcend ourselves...To look fearlessly where our eyes have not yet directed us...

We need to genuinely believe. To believe everything will be absolutely fine... To believe that there is after all, a World to discover that connects us to the Soul of things! A fascinating world with the invaluable benefit of being real!

I wish you plenty of health, which at the moment, is the best thing to wish for!

Everything will be OK!

Let's do it!!

Share with us your doubts, experiences and suggestions for future posts.

Leave your comment belowūüĎá Thank you!

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#BelieveInTomorrow #StopTheSpread

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