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Atualizado: 18 de Jun de 2019

Photo by Thierry Fillieul

We live decisive moments, concerning the future of our Mother Earth.

We all realize, with a greater or lesser degree of involvement, that we need to change ... to change the paradigms of our thinking, to change our habits (an arduous task!). In order to develop a more evolved attitude in reducing our ecological footprint, relating to sustainability and to the maintenance of our quality of

life ...

In short, to promote wellness and above all, a greater consciousness ...

This will the theme that I will be focusing on, using this space of sharing in a journey through multidisciplinary aspects, in an approach that is intended plural and ... colorful.

It is the minorities that change the world!

That open paths, which tear paradigms and prejudices.

Traveling to the roots that are the beginning, where tree bears fruit,

is the tonic of this page!

From root to root, a Forest is created!

Photo by Arnie Chou

Share with us any questions, experiences or suggestions for future posts.

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