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Atualizado: 20 de Jan de 2020

Did your DNA gift you with weak, brittle nails that easily chip? Have you always wanted to have beautiful nails, without resorting to synthetic acrylics, gels or powders? Believe me, there are natural, organic, and vegan options. And of course, simple, practical and cheap. Getting straight to the point.





Nail Care


NO, NO... and NO

- Cut your cuticles. They are our friends, and they act as the nails protective barrier preventing bacteria and infections.

- Use your nails as a replacement for tools. They are not meant to scrape or loosen absolutely anything.

- Forgetting to wear gloves when gardening.

- Let them grow too long. Better to have a shorter, beautiful nail.

Yes, Please Do...

- Nails are porous and need to be moisturized. Whenever you wash your hands, apply a little moisturizer.

- Keep your fingernails filed, thous preventing certain accidents. Break one fingernail and you'll  have to trim them all or getting a run in your pantyhose.

- After washing your hands, push the cuticles back. You 'll see that there's no need to cut them.

- When filing your nails, it should always be done in the same direction. This avoids fragilizing your nails.

Myrrh is without a shadow of a doubt, the essential oil of choice for promoting strong and healthy nails.

- Place two drops of Myrrh in 6 drops of your preferred carrier oil and apply directly to the nails and briefly massage.

- Repeat 3x's a week (it's be unadvisable to apply more often, Myrrh may tinge nails yellow.).

Or you can prepare this Nutritive Serum and have it ready to use.

Nutritive Serum 15 drops O.E. Rosemary

10 drops O.E. Lemon

3 drops O.E. Myrrh

1 tbsp  O.V. Avocado or Jojoba

1 tbsp  O.V. Sweet Almond

- Add all ingredients in a dark faint (preferably with drops) and shake the weak energetically for 1-2 minutes.

- Conserve it during 24 hours prior to use, to potentiate this synergy.

- In an S.O.S. phase, you can apply every night and then 2 or 3 times a week as maintenance treatment.

* O.E. = essential oil *O.V. = Vegetable oil

My aim, with this Blog, is to demonstrate that natural beauty is remarkably simple, healthier and economic. I hope I have...

🤷🏻‍♀️ 🤷🏻‍♀️ 🤷🏻‍♀️

Thank You

Mother Nature

És Poderosa

Close-up of girl with rainbow sunglasses and nails.
Foto: Ulrike Mai em Pixabay

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