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Atualizado: 22 de Jun de 2019

When we think of bees, we immediately associate them with the honey or one or two stings we might have had experienced ...

It's urgent to clarify about their real importance, which goes far beyond their production of honey. It's essential to recognize the key role they play in maintaining Life on the planet.

Mulher com vestido rendado de gola alta com abelha
Foto: JJ Jordan em Pexels

On May 20th, World Bee Day was once again celebrated. This day was instituted as a way to call attention to the importance of these minute and remarkable insects.

A comprehensive study released by the UN is revealing of their paramount importance. According to this investigative report, three-quarters of the entire world's agricultural species naturally depend on these industrious bees to naturally produce food!

The complex Pollination process naturally depends to a large extent on these laborious insects. "Pollination is a pollen exchange between flowers, and its main purpose is to reproduce any kind of seed and fruit, so if this process is unfollowed, we will not have food the way we do today." "The role of pollination also has a positive impact on the environment because it contributes to maintain the biodiversity and dynamics of the ecosystems on which World Agriculture depends." (in There is no Planet 1).

We, ordinary citizens, need to acknoledge this fact seriously. We probably all know what Pollination is precisely and its paramount importance. But what can we do to mitigate the disastrous effect of pesticides on our industrious pollinating friends, who die every year, victims of these products?

We dearly need to preserve them. By properly safeguarding them, we protect ourselves. All of our personal actions are fundamental, from teaching, divulging and above all PLANTING!

In England, in the cities, we see flower-runners and Bee-friendly plants that enable them to feed and reproduce, we need to Plant!

Morgan Freeman, created an authentic sanctuary for Bees... He intentionally built bee hives! An outstanding example to follow wherever it is possible!

Naturally reducing the extensive use of controversial pesticides is equally critical. Planting wildflowers between cultivated crops reduces the risk of destructive pests.

Planting admittedly is the word of the day. Plant flowers that are naturally

bee-friendly, such as Lavender, Coriander, Fennel, Sage, Thyme, Safflower, Mallow, Sunflower, Poppy...

We can offer precious seeds or potted plants to bloom... Plant... Plant where possible and always. Simply Plant with your little ones. Planting in Schools. It's not enough to politely introduce the ethical idea in a coloring book. We genuinely need to properly establish the fundamental idea on Earth and attentively observe it bloom!

Celebrating the Bees and spreading their fantastic work should undoubtedly be present on everyone's mind. With this aim, Sweden recently honored them by building a dedicated monument in their unique honor. To some mild degree around the world, social movements invariably arise...Social actions to raise awareness... Keenly arousing the social consciences. Ours!

Once awake, we merely have to Plant!

Lampada com terra e folhagem no interior
Foto: Singkham em Pexels

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