ūüáļūüáł Cleaning Up the Big House: The World We Exist In!

Like many of us, I am apprehensive. Worried even. Rare, violent and out-of-season weather phenomena loudly announce severe climate changes.

I wonder what I can do. What weight does an individual gesture have? What difference will it make? As these thoughts arise, the answers bring me appeasement. I recycle. I don't throw trash on the floor. I ponder my consumptions. I pick up trash that others inadvertently drop (?!.) and I'm happy to pick up a paper, a bottle... leave them properly stowed at their respective eco points. Not because I think I'm more aware than who left them there, but because I'm doing what I believe in. And that, above of all else, serves me well. It undoubtedly makes me feel good. It's with gratitude for this wonderful Earth that cradles my body and dreams, that I dare not waver in these recently acquired attitudes and habits. We must learn to do otherwise. Campaigns for Nature Conservation appeal to civic awareness. Do not pollute. Collect garbage from beaches, forests or any outdoor space... Plastic bottles are exchanged for coffee at beach cafes, and mugs filled with cigarette butts are traded in for mugs filled with icy cold beer! When we go to the beach, we're incentivized to collect plastic objects...

Art is made with the garbage collected on the beach... Art that urges you to think! Divers (over 600) entered the Guinness Book of Records as they dive to clean the bottom of a Bay in the United States... We are doing something! Each with its own importance and merit. .... These represent Sad times that we live in! What are we imparting? We pick up cigarette butts when it's worth a beer?! ... Caring for the planet is tending ourselves! This should be the prize in it self! All of these initiatives serve us less responsible adults, but they do not serve as a pedagogical model.

Recently, in an interaction with a 4-year-old boy and talking about pollution… and the need to separate the trash, to properly package it, the dialogue flowed and gave voice to characters we manipulated in our hands.Worried puppets took action.They developed habits. And they instantly started picking up the trash they invariably found… with no concern for who was responsible! They genuinely wanted nature to be clean, and that by heart was the most substantial.

Days later, this dear child's mother told that on a trip to the local playground, her son noticing scattered papers he reacts unexpectedly. Surprised she hears "Mom, can I pick up the papers and put 'em in the trash?"

I listened attentively… as was moved. He intuitively grasped the importance of our previous conversation. Bless you, little man, for the earnest hopes you represent in establishing a better world? JUST BECAUSE! Share with us your questions, experiences and suggestions for

future posts. We appreciate your comments.

Thank you!

#SaveThePlanet #KeepingOurPlanetClean #CivicAwareness

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