"There are no Coincidences!" ...We hear this repeatedly...Sometimes dumbfounded, in surprising situations... unique situations that connect us to each other. That connects us to the Universe, brings us to the plane of the unknown or even from the unimaginable.

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Coração de estrelas nos Cosmos

When we think of someone we haven't seen for a long time and in a magical way, against all odds, come across that person... When the phone rings and you "just know," who's calling, however improbable... When our dreams correctly anticipate factual events... And so many other situations!

We feel intentionally influenced by the Ineffable!Carl Jung named these specific events, Synchronicity. Meaning, a fortunate coincidence, but with meaning. This imminently personal meaning subtly alters our emotional state. We feel joyful! We humbly acknowledge a direct link between our thoughts, dreams or intuition, and the ultimate reality that surrounds us. The universe tenderly embraces us.Tenderly touches us. Surprisingly wows us. Most importantly, is an emotional feeling within that cautiously opens smiles, invariably prompts laughter or maybe even tears. These magical moments, that enlighten from within and causes us to perceive we are a part of something Greater. Moments of Serendipity that open doors and windows in our minds and so the light enters.

The light of Knowledge may be it philosophical, spiritual or quantum... Everything is divine energy! Its visible manifestations and how they communicate with each other are studied by various disciplines and distinct areas of Knowledge. Each specific area of knowledge illuminates with its own peculiar light. Ultimately our questions will wisely direct our search, according to what we undoubtedly want to know.

This is what we'll talking about in our following posts. About approaches from potential areas, like Numerology.

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Cartas de Tarot

Note - Serendipity is the fortunate discovery that fortunately happens coincidentally. ūüėČ

Share with us your questions, experiences and suggestions for

future posts. We appreciate your comments.

Thank you!

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