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Atualizado: 21 de Mar de 2020

Throughout the year the days fly by on the calendar.But all days are not the same. There are Special Days, Days of Celebration, Tribute or to draw attention on situations of great relevance. Some of these Special Days we indeed enjoy, others

not really.

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In relation to Valentine's Day, mea culpa, I inevitably developed along the years, wrongly may I say, an excess of cynicism. Employing the old valid arguments of "Love can't be set on the calendar, or "Love should be celebrated every day". Life asked me to grow up and so I came across the History of February 14th, dedicated to Lovers and St. Valentine.

The matchmaking monk who liberated many young men from war by wedding them with their Beloved. Graciously according to a version of social history, the Roman emperor Claudius II, considered that single men were better warriors. For this apparent reason, in possible times of war, marriages were traditionally prohibited. To his profound dismay, Valentine, a simple monk, did not follow that order. He married many couples, even though he was unallowed to do so. He was apprehended and sentenced to death. In prison, he received countless notes and floral bouquets from young people that he had united, expressing their gratitude and praising the Power of Love.

However, today perhaps he would be unremembered. Had it not been for falling in love with the jailer's daughter, a beautiful blind young woman. Valentine's unconditional love and the extraordinary power of their profound faith miraculously healed the young woman from her blindness. A divine miracle of Love.We all know that Love works Miracles! Valentine, the learned monk, died on February 14th. Belatedly he was canonized, from monk to St. Valentine.In his sacred honor and to honor Love and it's Power. In the V century the Catholic Church instituted the 14th of February as Valentine's Day and established St. Valentine's Day, marked on the religious calendar, as a possible means of promoting sacred marriage and endorsing the religous concept of family..

Love traditionally began to be celebrated on this Special Day.

Photo by Dellon Thomas from Pexels

A little everywhere, as this day approaches, the iconic symbols of Love are in the air.

Postcards, hearts, teddy bears, beautiful bouquets of flowers, exotic fragrances as suggest gifts, programs for two...

Stop instantly the consistent routines that dry out Love and discover how undoubtedly good it is to heartily enjoy ample time to Flirt!

To tell the truth, I'm gradually becoming more sympathetic to this Day. For the opportunity it creates in savoring the brief time we have. It conveys, wanting more than a solitary day, for date night, time for just you two.

In my irreverent way of questioning the World and it's Things, a long time ago I decided to modify the name of Valentine's Day. By my personal decree, I decided to designate it Day of the Beloved. Beloved universally has a delicious aroma of chivalric romance, of splendid butterflies in my tummy, of palpitations when I observe my Love! Long kisses and intertwined arms (... whose hand is this, yours or mine)

The Beloved are enamored, between hectic and odd days they find the time for  "just the two of us."  Lovers vary their routines, dress with passion and celebrate the Love of Every Day of the Year, for St. Valentine's Day Dinner!

Happy Beloved's Day... to all Enamored!

#StValentine #StValentinesDay #LoveEveyDay

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