"Depression is a prison where you are both prisoner and jailer" Dorothy Rowe. 

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Everyone in one way or another recognizes the devastating effect of Depression, whether we experienced it ourselves or through someone close to us. Whether through its limitations or from our surrounding environment, there is a need to fight, and at the same time a great helplessness.

We're referring to other approaches besides medication. The need to evaluate the individual with depression and to establish a link between the events that may have triggered the depressive process, even to the individual's own physical condition, requires a holistic analysis. Holistic, increasingly publicized, evaluates from a physical, emotional and spiritual point of view. It contains an empirical criterion than scientifically tested knowledge, but rooted in basic principles that science accepts.


The chemistry of our brain changes. Depression leads to chemical changes in this organ, and in turn influences its biochemistry. A little tail, if you'll allow me. We presently know that the kind of thoughts that populate our minds and the kind of substances we ingest to have a great responsibility in the chemistry that underlies neuronal activity. These two factors in a depressed brain oscillate serotonin production, with grave implications for our mental health. For those who do not usually investigate these issues, it is necessary to clarify that the origin of Serotonin production occurs at an initial stage, in the intestine (tryptophan). Hence, the mainstream expression "our gut is our second brain." It's easier now to comprehend the considerable importance of our diet and our daily routines in the production of this neurotransmitter (serotonin) with the purpose of overcoming depression, and it's need to be increased.


Sugary food and carbohydrates should be avoided as they hinder Serotonin production. Ideally, a diet should be rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Recent research also points to Turmeric as a seasoning to be ingested regularly for this same purpose.


Any kind of exercise is enormously beneficial, as it stimulates Serotonin production.However if done in a peaceful environment, it will be much more effective for this purpose. Walking at a lively pace, by the sea or in a forest, anywhere close to nature, exerts an exponential effect.


Literature wields a beneficial influence on our emotions; it generates and learning through the contact with the characters and their experiences. An inspiring story triggers well-being that notably helps to change brain chemistry. On the other hand writing about our feelings possesses the restorative effect of catharsis, it releases pain and encourages us in becoming aware of our depressed intimate reality. Researchers are assertive in stating the value of these benefits in a recovery process. Writing about pain for at least 15 to 20 minutes daily for a few days is an excellent exercise.


Listening to classical music, especially Bach, Händel, Chopin, Brahms has been shown to stimulate Serotonin production. In relation to Bach and his compositions, they have a "mathematical" order similar to brain frequencies. This type of music has the distinctiveness of opening emotions and feelings and of revealing the pain that is at the root of our Souls suffering considered typical of Depression wich is highly restorative and potentially healthy.


No doubt positive thinking leads to well-being. Experiments were conducted in which Depressed patients were taking a flour pill (placebo effect) , believing they were taking the latest and most powerful drug to cure Depression, and the effect was quite optimistic. The improvements did indeed occur. Believing marks the first step to becoming so. Meditation and relaxation also generate well-being. Unburdening the mind through breathing or massaging induces Serotonin production by awakening sensations.

These represent some practices to take up if you are depressed or merely want to stimulate your brain in a beneficial way.These practices have proven results. Its value is in being a starting point. Taking the first step is hard. It's a necessary commitment from those who are close to the depressed person,  in the sense of support and stimulation. Later, then the path is made by walking. Recent results are motivating. And we have nothing to loose... Quite the contrary, the benefits will be naturally at several fundamental levels: Improved eating habits Achieving our ideal weight. Increased music and literary culture Control over our emotions It's worth trying!

Don't you think so?

Share with us your questions, experiences and suggestions for future posts. We appreciate your comments.

Thank you!

Publication of this information is not a medical practice and this information is not a substitute for advice from your doctor or other healthcare provider. Before adopting any form of treatment, the reader should seek the advice of their doctor or other health care provider.

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