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COVID-19 has left us astonished and maybe even slightly desperate to know how to protect ourselves. It's been a rush to pharmacies and supermarkets looking for disinfectant gel, alcohol, gloves and masks... Anyway, anything that can help us escape contamination of this virus.

Due to the lack of hand sanitizer, I decided to publish my usual recipe. But first, I wanted to investigate and make sure that this homemade DIY was in accordance with the recommendations of several international public health organizations. I only had to increase the proportion of ethyl alcohol from 50% to 60%. And interestingly, I learned that 70% ethyl alcohol is more effective against bacteria than 90%. See why here 👈

H a n d D e s i n f e c t a n t

190 ml. Ethyl Alcohol 76ml. Aloe Vera Gel 10 drops Essential Oil 3 drops Vitamin E (optional) You can merely use one Essential Oil or create a blend.

My favorite Disinfectante Blend 6 drops O.E. Tea Tree 2 drops O.E. Clove 2 drops O.E. Myrrh The most boring step about preparing this disinfectant is the pre-preparation. Now let's see:


  1. Separate all utensils (bowl, spoon, empty containers)

  2. Wash and disinfect said equipment.

  3. Wash and disinfect the preparation site.

  4. With so much washing and disinfecting your hands are also ready for action.

🧤 🥣 HOW TO PREPARE After all of that is done, just measure out the ingredients into a bowl and stir. Afterward add the essential oils. And pour it into the various vials, ready to use. Well, after so much research and wanting to be rigorous with the facts... I remembered a little/ BIG detail. Where do I buy the darn alcohol?

🤔 (Me thinking)

"Now what❓

What can I use instead? Brandy! Nahhh Vodka... It doesn't leave an after smell... 😈

... they do have an alcohol content of 35-50%, right? Will it work? Maybe, but I'm sure it's less effective...

😭 I could go for a shot right about now "

I n C o n c l u s i o n

With so much reading, at S.N.S 24, O.M.S. (World Health Organization), CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, USA), I clarified a few things. - Washing your hands properly with soap and water is much more    IMPORTANT. - The Disinfectant Gel is for when we can't cleanse them. - Masks are only recommended for people suspected of infection by    COVID-19 and professionals who care for patients suspected of possible infection.

I also came to some logical conclusions: - Wearing sterile gloves is a possible "2 in 1" possible solution. It proactively works as a physical protective barrier against infectious bacteria, virus and the hydrolipidic film (its main function is to staunchly defend the skin against bacteria) intact. Needless to say, you'll undoubtedly have to have the same hygiene care and respiratory etiquette. Do not touch your eyes, mouth or nose even with gloves on. Keep in mind they are indicated for constant use. - From constantly washing and using hand sanitizer, my hands look more like sandpaper. I imagine yours must also be dry, scaly, red or even blemished. That's your skin invariably asking for adequate nutrition. Use a Moisturizing Hand Cream or Aloe Vera Gel (for its regenerating and soothing properties). Because I find it more practical and hygienic, I conveniently divided the cream into two small empty bottles with a pump. I left one near the dishwasher and the other in the W.C.

Follow your National Health Services

S.N.S 24 (Portugal) Prevention Guide Lines How can I protect myself from COVID-19? -Social distancing -Respiratory label: Cover your nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing. Use a tissue or the arm, never with your hands. Instantly throw the tissue in the trash. Wash your hands whenever you blow, sneeze or cough. - Reinforce hygiene measures: Wash your hands often with soap and water or an alcohol-based solution. Avoid direct contact with patients with respiratory infections.

Thank You

Mother Nature

És Poderosa

Grateful woman in the woods
Imagem de silviarita por Pixabay

Sources: S.N.S. 24 World Health Organization Center for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S.A Miped

Share with us your doubts, experiences and suggestions for future posts. Leave your comment bellow. Sincere Thanks!

The publication of this information is not a medical practice and this information does not replace the advice of your doctor or other health care provider. Before adopting any form of treatment, the reader should seek the advice of their physician or other health care provider.

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