ūüáļūüáł Earth Day

Since the 1970s, Earth Day has been typically celebrated, although it was only officially recognized in 2009 as International Earth Day.

Year after countless years, the tragic news, the ominous warnings of the International Scientific Community, the cries to action of the Environmentalists are more alarming. Drawing our especial attention to a critical problem of capital importance: WE dearly need to properly care for our PLANET EARTH!

Since 1970, a considerable number of animals has been gradually declining, alarmingly reaching 40 per cent. It is reliably estimated that everyday about 100 to 200 unique species and fauna become extinct. The entire ecosystem naturally degrades and collapses,

further weakening life on Earth by considerable loss of biodiversity. Studies point in our explicit direction. They unanimously affirm, we are inevitably the last generation that can undoubtedly help change the course of the foreseeable events!

Sustainability, the Arctic melting, the climatic changes that inevitably generate supreme phenomena, are increasingly worrying...

Visible CO2 emissions are responsible for the polluted air we breathe, as well as extensive deforestation. All these and other key issues have been widely debated either in World Summits or in various Organizations... Without substantial results!

We are precisely in a pivotal moment of moral urgency in the conscious awareness. Social consciousness that this is invariably a complex problem My, You, His, Hers, Our! Individual Actions, even modest ones, will organically develop to a gigantic difference. We are undoubtedly Millions, Millions! This is precisely a valuable time to promptly bring about a difference and make a difference. It is not enough to merely collect garbage that severely pollutes mighty forests, flowing rivers and boundless seas, but it is fundamental. It is not enough to properly recycle, but it is imperative. It is not enough to reuse, but it is necessary. It is not enough to carefully plant, but it is absolutely essential. It is not enough to progressively reduce meat consumption, but it is invariably necessary. It is not enough to voluntarily reduce waste, but it is undoubtedly Vital.

The Magic Formula is precisely in Individual Actions and in the Education of dear children, active youths and organized societies in general. According to Zero, a official Environmental website ,  "If we do not act instantly, extinction may be the most enduring legacy of humanity."

We fight doggedly against Time, to wisely give Time, to the Planet that has hospitably received us!

Share with us your doubts, experiences and suggestions for future posts.

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Thank you!

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