ūüáļūüáł New Year, Once More!

It arrives every year. To the second. No last minute delays, many times shrouded in cold, rain or fog. Always in December. Always the last day of December!

It seems that every year arrives earlier than the year before, but no...it's just time that makes it feel so! A magic spell reserved for elders. We may believe that we play with time, but in fact I think it's time that plays with us.

Relógio gigante em floresta
Imagem de Gerd Altmann por Pixabay

There are expectations in the air whenever it arrives! The New Year! Scheduled parties, with friends and family... Twelve raisins... Baby blue lingerie... To-do lists...  Standing on a chair with a bill in hand at midnight to attract prosperity ...

Champagne, delicacies and dressed to code for the New Year...

9 ... 8 ... 7 ... .... 2 ... 1 ...Happy New Year to us and to all! It's marvelous to be hither for a another New Year! Glad we can wish you a Happy New Year!

Joy in the air turns to hope, in a sounder world...In faith that life does change...In the magic of change that life calls for and if it's not at the New Year... When else?

We often hear it's not the New Year that makes changes... We must be the agents of that change. Allow me to disagree, in my opnion; It's both!

Arm in arm with the New Year, we shall do great things. If the moon influences the tides, imagine its influence on us?? And Saturn with its rings?? And Jupiter that brings forth such favorable winds!!

Rapaz a lagar um bal√£o de ar, no p√īr do sol
Imagem de HAPPY NEW YEAR *** S. Hermann & F. Richter por Pixabay

2020 is determined to create solid structures! It invites us to shape dreams forgotten in a shallow drawer, tacitly encourages creative collaboration...

It carries limitless potential for practical realization. It comes by the hand of the King Star. Yes, the Sun is the ruling planet of 2020. To teach us how to behave. The Sun is more or less the manual for living well in 2020! It was made to shine, and it always shines. Shines and warms us independently of who deserves or not... These issues do not interfere with its function! With the sun we discover that energy does not block, it flows... it is Life! It is love! Life and Love can not stop... Even if someone hasn't behaved impeccably!

I read many years ago, if I'm unmistaken, "One Day Behind Another" by a woman I cherish dearly, Laurinda Alves. I came across a poetic image, which faithfully represents a Hymn to Gratitude. I paraphrase it, as memory and feeling graciously allow me.

calend√°rio de 1 de Janeiro
Imagem: Wix

"... Glad we have a brand-new Year every year to debut... and we can do it all once again for the very first time."

Happy New Year!

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Thank you!

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