As promised, today we'll be taking a peak at Numerology. A discipline that I embrace both in heart and mind, a fascinating dialectic. Its name transports us to the universe of mathematics, an exact science of numbers.

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Starting at the beginning, which usually is considered best. We come to Pythagoras, a sage who lived around 580 BC on the island of Samos. It was a fundamentally momentous time for the world. His contemporaries are Buddha, Zoroaster, Lao Tse, Heraclito, Confucius... figures that sculpted the World of beliefs and philosophies which even today influence us in the most varied ways. Considered the Father of numbers, he left his name linked to the Theorem that immortalized him. Pythagoras was a professor and philosopher, a very influential man in the world of ideas, responsible for the diffusion of knowledge, which at the time was undivided. Mystic thought, religion, philosophy and their symbolic character were discussed with the same eagerness as the exact and objective sciences by the same individuals.This characteristic allowed Pythagoras to integrate knowledge in various areas, whether its basis was scientific, philosophical or mystical.

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For him "Numbers were the essence of Everything, for they were in all knowledge, forming the basis of all human development. Thus came Numerology, the sacred study of numbers, developing in parallel with arithmetic calculations and geometry", in Karmic Numerology by Clara de Almeida. With this little time travel into history, we understand a little how discipline was born.

Everything is energy. Everything is frequency. Science states it. Numerology decodes the energy and symbols that each number (also called vibration) carries. This philosophical approach allows us to read the messages hidden in these symbols and to interpret the reality we want to know better, in the light of this knowledge.

Our birthday numbers provide valuable insight into our personalities, challenges, life goals. Numerology allows us to glean information for a sounder understanding of each phase of our life (so-called life cycles), to decode the potential energy of each year we are living... What's our vital task in this lifetime? Did we perceive and learn?What is the best way to overcome certain obstacles that we confront, sometimes repeatedly? We break new ground either within ourselves into self-awareness or outward into other forms of knowledge.

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Comparing an assessment using Numerology, to a psychological evaluation by a professional in the field, what happens is that both come to similar conclusions. Alternative methods do not alter ultimate reality. Carl Gustav Jung, legendary founder of Analytical Psychology, lived between 1875 and 1961. He highly credited Numerology as well as Astrology and Chiromancy. He reasonably argued long before the discovery of DNA that "every living being carries a life project. Which we can access through the position of the stars at birth, the date of birth and within our palms."

Considering Jung's key conclusions, I genuinely think it more carefree to delve into this unique area. Why not try grasping better what the astounding numbers announce regardless? Will you accept this unique challenge? I promise to come back with more fascinating revelations...

Share with us your questions, experiences and suggestions for

future posts. We appreciate your comments.

Thank you!

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