ūüáļūüáł The Soul of Things

Time runs slowly for those who are quarantined.

New routines have changed our days, which suddenly all become the same. Sunday and Thursday can sometimes even touch lightly...

At home, the World!

We discover old chests full of memories peaking to us, ready to reveal themselves...Old photographs, from the time when they were called portraits, bring family history to life... showing fashions from another era! Great-grandfather's mustache! Oh so very stylish!

Names from the family tree echo once more through out the house...lived episodes fill the air with pleasurable emotions that warm our homes, which now come to life throughout the day! From dusk to dawn...

And as Time occupies more time, we bake that cake that never goes wrong. Homemade cakes sweetened with the whimsical tenderness of cherished memories...

Shelves are properly organized, as is our minds and life is arranged as well as can be. We've been undoubtedly procrastinating forever! Now the shelves, are done!

Next, the bookcases also demand proper attention!...Yeah, let's take a look at the books, these lifelong friends of countless occasions... We discover notes from friends and can practically hear their familiar voices in hazy memories...and we rediscover Hemingway, Steinbeck, Dickinson... Maybe one until now waiting to be finished...

As we look wistfully out the window and...how wonderful, Spring is here! Full of glowing promise, a thousand colors splashing... Blooming with Life!

Dear Mother Earth is dressing-up in fervent hope! The ozone layer has immensely recovered and has prevented some climate changes. In cities, air pollution levels heve fortunately, in some cases declined by 40 percent...The flowing rivers purify their plentiful waters...The Venice Canals are presently crystal clear... A little everywhere there is welcome news of a Planet miraculously recovering from its lost balance!...

While we are at home, Earth is welcoming us! It will be magnificent to walk around again... Feel the sea breeze... Enjoy a picnic in the forest... Visit our cherished family and friends!

Returning gently to the familiar places... Carefully returning with a conscience of the Soul of Things that really matter.

Educating our eyes, seeing the beauty of things can make a difference in the days we live.

There is a world to be discovered, inside and outside of us...In silence, in the pause where emotions unfold, we come face to face with ourselves...

Life is precious!

But fragile... It craves care and caregivers...

Let us care for ourselves, let us care for Life in its most varied forms...

A Holy Healthy Easter for All!

Share with us your doubts, experiences and suggestions for following posts.

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Thank you!

#NewHabits #StayingatHome #HopeforTomorrow

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