ūüáļūüáł To Be Happy and Feeling Happy...

Happiness is a state of grace. It resides within us, within the body and soul it is mirrored in the eyes. As if a magic wand, everything touched is transformed, just like in fairy tales.

Rapariga feliz ao espelho
Imagem: Bruce Mars em Pexels

Feeling it, depends more on our emotional state than on the nature of our surroundings. For this reason, when facing the similar events, some are happy and others are not. When we are happy, the world is lovely, problems shrink and some indeed disappear! Frequently we're happy for no apparent reason. Modest things, a kind gesture or some good news, will expand our hearts into a smile.

Once opened with poignant emotion, it will overflow with Love. 

And we are indeed delighted. Faces light up, mouths draw a crescent moon and eyes gain a twinkle. Fireworks appear! And we realize we can achieve superb things!

A susceptible heart already knows the way to Happiness! Knows there will be gloomy days, knows that being heavy-hearted is a part of being in harmony with life. The sun will shine again. Sadness will not last forever. Nothing does! Every so often the susceptible heart doesn't want to promptly open. 

Other times, it doesn't know how to open up, to feel the Happiness of happy days. And a closed heart is profoundly sorrowful.

Rapariga triste junto janela com chuva
Imagem: Bryant Churckyno em Wix

Dressed in mourning and full of 

overwhelming sadness, it's heart-rending to behold!

On critical occasions, with it's very own reasons, feels blue. Sorely in need of the quiet for a beat or two, until the emotional pain inevitably reduces. 

Gradually blameless life will knock gently at its private door, and the breeze will softly take the pain on its protecting wings. If the noble heart unlocks even a narrow window, magic will happen again!

Being happy is a conscious choice! We can learn to explore the pleasant side of life.

It exists peacefully in everything.

Even when our closed hearts don't glimpse it!

We are not always happy, but we can still be happy!

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Thank you!

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