🇺🇸 We Need Self-Confidence!

Addressing self-confidence is a sensitive topic and sometimes painful, due to it’s intimate relationship with our self-esteem.

In a era where self-esteem is confused with the cult of the ego, it becomes even more difficult.

We are self-confident when we believe in ourselves. When we create strength from weakness and strive to bring to life dreams that otherwise seemed impossible. Whether it’s about losing weight, getting a job, recovering from an addiction, waging a battle with an illness or raising a child ...

Trusting in ourselves makes us stronger in our own eyes. And it’s from this inner strength that our self-esteem is woven.

My definition of self-esteem: To Love Ourselves! for who we are and for what we are allowed to live and feel with our physical, mental, emotional, social reality ... trying to be our best version at all times.

Having a beautiful face is enjoyable, but self-esteem goes far beyond the physical aspect, just as self-confidence goes way beyond the capabilities we hold when we embrace a dream or a task.

Mulher a tirar foto a reflexo
Foto: Lisa Fotios em Pexels

If we see the world around us through blue or brown eyes or through the tips of our fingers ...

If we have a sculptural body or if we fight with extra weight ... if we are tall or short ..

This is the reality that we need to allow ourselves to love, in every detail that makes us people. Turning every detail into it's best version because it improves our life and our relationship with ourselves, this must be a life long commitment.

We will encounter situations that will lead to the emergence of various insecurities and, certainly, others will make us born heroes.

Keeping self-confidence at a balanced level is important.

It's fundamental to take away negative thoughts ... to discover affectionately which characteristics make us stronger ... where our skills are ... what we like to do ... what we do well and with pleasure!

But we also have fragilities that we need to identify ... do we give up at the first obstacle ... have no sense practicalities ... lack in creativity ... always with our heads in the clouds or in the sand?

To love is to accept, as well as trusting and it implies surpassing ourselves.

Self-esteem is a love story that we learn to write throughout our lives.

Self-confidence is undoubtedly the force that is being born in us at every moment, so that this story can be written.

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Thank you!

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